Children Mediation Example

A lot of my children mediation clients now have an international element to their situation.

I have worked with families where they have relocated with the children to America, Australia and Asia after the separation or divorce.

In these types of situations, it was very hard for the parent remaining in the UK to agree to the relocating parent and children to relocate abroad as they knew that it would not be possible to see the child several times a week which may have been the current childcare arrangement.

Family Mediation Financial Example

A married couple came to mediation as they had spent tens of thousands of pounds on legal fees and Court hearings costs and wanted to avoid the further legal costs of a final hearing.

In this case they had multiple properties.

The properties had already been valued, they had obtained recent mortgage statements and taken tax advice.

The Judge at the Financial Dispute Resolution hearing had given an indication that the wife should have a slightly higher split of the assets as she did not work and was continuing to raise the children more than the father.