Child Arrangement

London Family Solicitor puts your children at the heart
of your family case.

Everyone wants what’s best for their child. We all want our children to grow up happy and well-adjusted – that’s why London Family Solicitor puts your children at the heart of your family case.
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What are Child Arrangement Orders?

In short, child arrangement orders are applied for as a court order when you and your ex-partner are unable to come to an agreement about parental arrangements. A child arrangement order determines:

  • Who you child lives with
  • Where your child will live
  • When your child spends time with each parent or guardian
  • When/what kind of contact occurs between parents/guardians and children

A child arrangement order replaces “residence orders” and “contact orders” as one entire court order. There’s also an option to apply for a “prohibited steps order” if you wish to stop the other parent/guardian from carrying out certain actions with regard to your child or their upbringing.

What will we need to help you
with your divorce?

There are several types of people who can directly apply for a child arrangement order without permission from the court first. This includes:


Parent, guardian or special guardian


Someone who holds parental responsibility


Anyone in a marriage or civil partnership if the child is part of the family


Anyone who already holds a residence order for a child


A person the child has lived with for a minimum of 3 years


Anyone who has consent from the local authority if the child is in care

What are
the Advantages of Instructing 
London Family Solicitor for Child Arrangement Orders?

Separation and divorce can be stressful and emotional at the best of times, so we make it our duty to provide expert advice on the child arrangement order process. If there is anything you don’t understand about the court procedures, we can offer help and guidance.

Before attending court it is a prerequisite to book a Mediation Information & Assessment Meeting (MIAM) unless you fall into an exempt category of people. The mediator will attempt to find a fair solution for the children and the parents. At London Family Solicitor we understand what constitutes fair and reasonable outcome. Although we cannot attend your MIAM, we’re always happy to talk you through the process from beginning to end and give you advice. If you do decide on an arrangement then each party signs an agreement so you don’t have to go to court.
London Family Solicitor is here for you every step of the way…

How does the Child Arrangement Order procedure work?

The child arrangement procedure can be daunting as there are several steps involved, but we are here for any guidance and support you may require. It is easier and better overall if you are able to work out any arrangements with the other parent or guardian independently of the court.

If you cannot and the matter does proceed to court, you will be expected to attend a first court hearing, a dispute resolution appointment and a final hearing. It can be a long and difficult process but with proper advice and help from a solicitor it can be less daunting.

The Child Arrangements Programme (called the ‘CAP’) explains in detail how such applications are dealt with by the courts. Its focus is on the parties reaching an agreement, where possible without going to court.

In urgent cases, special arrangements can be made to fast track the case to court and in exceptional cases, such as in cases of domestic violence, without giving notice to the other side.

From Our Clients

“Thank you again, for taking up my case…I feel you understood my actions as a mother who wants the best for her children and to protect them when it is necessary.”

“You had my children’s interests at heart and took actions accordingly. All your paperwork was done to the highest professional standard.”

“Natalie advised me to make wise choices in the best interest of my daughter. She is a very driven individual and was able to maintain a very professional manner with a personable and approachable character.”

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