Resolution Together: One Lawyer Two Client Model

We are excited to introduce a new approach to resolving family law disputes: the “one lawyer two client” model. This unique approach allows a single lawyer to act for both parties in a case, providing an efficient, conciliatory and cost-effective solution to family disputes.

Traditionally, each party in a family law case hires their own lawyer.

This often leads to lengthy legal battles, escalated costs, and a breakdown in communication between the parties. With our “one lawyer two client” model, we aim to streamline the legal process and promote a more amicable resolution to family disputes. 

By acting for both parties, both the solicitor, and more importantly both parties can better understand the others needs and concerns. This allows us to assist clients reach a fair and equitable outcome.

One of the biggest advantages of our “one lawyer two client” model is that it can save our clients time and money. With only one lawyer to pay for, our clients can reduce expense and ensure a collaborative way of working, which promotes an effective working relationship essential in their role as co-parents.

We understand 
that family law cases can be emotionally challenging for our clients.

Our compassionate and supportive team is committed to helping our clients navigate this difficult time. By choosing our “one lawyer two client” model, our clients can trust that their case will be handled with care and sensitivity but without sacrificing the need for each party to provide complete transparency within the process.

Rachel Jaysan is a specialist family lawyer and accredited mediator.  She is also an accredited specialist when it comes to complex financial work and private Children Act matters. If you are facing a family law dispute and are interested in our “one lawyer two client” model, please contact Rachel on 020 3 865 1535 or at  Rachel will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the process.

From Our Clients

“Thank you again, for taking up my case…I feel you understood my actions as a mother who wants the best for her children and to protect them when it is necessary.”

“You had my children’s interests at heart and took actions accordingly. All your paperwork was done to the highest professional standard.”

“Natalie advised me to make wise choices in the best interest of my daughter. She is a very driven individual and was able to maintain a very professional manner with a personable and approachable character.”

Let’s Work Together

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