A lot of my children mediation clients now have an international element to their situation.

I have worked with families where they have relocated with the children to America, Australia and Asia after the separation or divorce.

In these types of situations, it was very hard for the parent remaining in the UK to agree to the relocating parent and children to relocate abroad as they knew that it would not be possible to see the child several times a week which may have been the current childcare arrangement.

We look at the holiday time for the children and arrange time for the non-relocating parent to spend more time with the child during the holiday period and also arrange for regular Facetime calls during term time.

We plan the logistics on whether the parent will travel to see the child or if the child needs to be accompanied to travel to the parent who is remaining in the UK.

We also discuss how the travel costs will be covered and how far in advance the travel should be booked.

Children relocation court cases can cost tens of thousands of pounds if you instruct a legal team to represent you through the Court process and if the case then proceeds to a final hearing.

If you come to Family Mediation it will be a fraction of the cost for both of you. There are typically around 5 joint sessions to cover children and financial matters. If the focus is children matters it is usually around 1-3 joint sessions.

It is also possible for the child to be involved in mediation if the child, both parents and the mediator thinks it is appropriate. Often the children can come up with sensible ideas that neither parent had considered.

Austin Chessell
Email: ac@london-family-solicitor.co.uk
Phone: 020 3865 1535
Twittter: @FamilyLawLondon

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