Living Together. Part One: Who are Cohabitants and how does the law affect them?

With over 3.1 million unmarried couples living together in the UK today, compared with 1.5 million back in 1996, it seems more and more of us want to put-off marrying, or avoid marriage completely. Given that fact, it is now more important than ever to appreciate that the way the law affects you can vary quite radically; depending on who you live with, and the nature of your relationship.

Mediation: A Process Towards Settlement

When legal problems arise, going to court is seldom the only option. In fact, the courts are more frequently being recognized as a last resort. There exists a myriad of other (often cheaper) ways to resolve disputes, some with surprisingly long histories. Mediation is one such method, helping parents to find their own solutions, rather than having solutions imposed by another.

Childrens well being in Relocation Cases - Part III

When the parents of a child divorce or separate the foundation of that child’s world is often thrown into turmoil and the vey basis of their security and stability is threatened as they are no longer have equal access to their caregivers.